Auto-connection requests for htop

Hi! I’m the maintainer of htop, a handy ncurses-based process viewer similar to top, since late 2016. As a process manager, it is expected to show all processes in the system. Also, it allows the user to renice and kill processes. So, I’d like to request the auto-connection of system-observe and process-control to give users what they expect from a top-like tool.

Thanks in advance!


+1 from me - this seems entirely expected and obvious for htop from a user-perspective.

+1 from me, the requested auto connects are well-scoped to expected htop functionality and will enhance the user experience.

+1. Everyone loves htop.

This looks ready to proceed, with 3 +1 votes in the last week :smile: Thanks everyone!

+1. Makes sense.

4 votes for, 0 against. Granting auto-connect for system-observe and process-control. This is now live.

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