Auto-connection request: quectel-firmware-switch


This is regarding manual approval for auto-connect for below interface in snap:

  • hardware-observe
  • modem-manager

This quectel-firmware-switch utility provides a facility for managing firmware on Quectel EM160 LTE device for cellular connection. There’re several different firmware images bundled in this snap, a correct firmware image will be selected and updated on the LTE device in background when a new SIM card is detected.

Reason for approval :

  1. For hardware-observe:

    This snap needs this permission to detect Quectel EM160 LTE device by checking PCIe IDs

  2. For modem-manager:

    This snap uses mm/mbim/mhi APIs to get and flash firmware image on the Quectel EM160 device.

Could you please provide manual permission? Please feel free to update if I had missed something.

Thanks & Regards, Freeman Zhang

There is a LP#1949125 related to this snap.

+1 from me for auto-connect of hardware-observe and modem-manager for quectel-firmware-switch - this is the core function for this snap so this should not be surprising for users.

+1 from me as well for auto-connect hardware-observe and modem-manager to quectel-firmware-switch since are clearly required for the snap to properly operate. +2 votes for, 0 votes against. Granting the requested auto-connections. This is now live.


Thanks for your votes.

And there’s one more interface need to be auto-connected for this snap:

  • process-control

The reason for this request is: the source code in this snap depends on signal and thread support in glib to print simple messages when flashing a firmware image.

(Without this connection, the snap will complain: Failed to set thread scheduler attributes: Operation not permitted.)

So totally there’re 3 interfaces requesting auto-connection in this topic:

  • hardware-observeapproved
  • modem-managerapproved
  • process-controlnew

Thanks in advance.

Hello, I just installed this package as I have a EM160R-GL modem that I wish to upgrade, but I don’t know if this is the place where I may post my question… could you please help me ?

Hi Feluna,

Please create a new topic on forum for your question, this one is for auto-connection request only.

-1 from me for auto-connect of process-control - if this is simply to silence some debug messages then I don’t think this is appropriate as unfortunately this interface grants too much authority in general for regular snaps.

I am -1 as well for auto-connect process-control since this is a very privileged interface and its need is not related to the core functionality of this snap. 0 votes for, -2 votes against. Not granting the requested auto-connection.