Auto-connection request for Umami (new)


I’m submitting a new request for umami.

Previous request was here: (sorry, only two links max for new users)

Within Umami, it is possible to use Ledger devices to store private keys and sign operations. To do so, we need to access to the usb interface

I don’t know if something changed in ledger devices, or if it is a matter of operating system, but on all my computers (running different ubuntu flavors) I actually need raw-usb in order to get ledger working with umami.

Side notes:

  • my ledger is working with other software such as “ledger live”
  • the .deb version works fine

Would you enable raw-usb auto-connect?


I notice the snap description doesn’t mention anything about using Ledger devices / USB etc - as such I suspect users may be a bit surprised to find that it has full access to their USB devices if this is granted.

Can you please update the snap description to mention this, then I would be happy to give my +1 from me for auto-connect of raw-usb by umami. Thanks.

It was actually said in the second point of the features list.

  • HD Wallet through mnemonics and ledgers

I edited it so the USB part is more explicit.

  • HD Wallet through mnemonics and USB ledgers

+1 from me as well for auto-connect raw-usb to umami (to allow use of USB ledgers).

@sagotch I was about to grant the requested access but I dont see the latest version of umami referencing raw-usb at all. Let us know when you do it and we can allow it.

Thanks for updating the snap description!

Hey @sagotch,

Could you please provide the requested information? I still don’t see raw-usb being plugged.


Hi. I just released the new umami version (sorry about the delay, I was on vacation). This one include the raw-usb plug.

Thanks - I have just granted this.