Auto-connection request for Parca Agent

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Hot on the heels of the Parca snap, I wanted to get the Parca Agent going. I’ve written a snap for it, which uses the system-trace and system-observe interfaces. Is it possible to have these auto-connected?

The agent uses eBPF to profile processes on the system for the their CPU usage, and as such needs access to eBPF, and the information in /proc.

Repo for the snap is here:



Thanks for the info - both of these make sense given the scope of the snap - also the snap clearly mentions it used eBPF in the description so the use-of and auto-connect of system-trace is not surprising.

+1 from me for auto-connect of both system-trace and system-observe for parca-agent.

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+1 from me too. +2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect and use of system-trace and system-observe for parca-agent. This is now live.

Thank you! :slight_smile: