Auto-connection request for MicroStack

Hi All,

This is a request for the auto-connect for MicroStack snap’s interfaces to for strict confinement. These interfaces include (quite a few):

  • block-devices
  • hardware-observe
  • firewall-control
  • hugepages-control
  • kernel-module-observe
  • kvm
  • libvirt
  • log-observe
  • microstack-support
  • mount-observe
  • netlink-audit
  • network-control
  • openvswitch-support
  • process-control
  • raw-usb
  • system-observe
  • system-trace

As a quick summary, the MicroStack snap delivers an OpenStack cloud in a snap format. This involves lots of interactions with the host system in order to provide and orchestrate virtual infrastructure.

Many thanks in advance. Myself and @dmitriis are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

I’m familiar with this snap and its needs and this is what I would expect. +1 to auto-connect all of them.

+1 from me too - whilst this grants a lot of privileges, I don’t think any of this is controversial given what the microstack snap requires. +2 votes for, 0 votes against.

Granting auto-connect of block-devices, hardware-observe, firewall-control, hugepages-control, kernel-module-observe, kvm, libvirt, log-observe, microstack-support, mount-observe, netlink-audit, network-control, openvswitch-support, process-control, raw-usb, system-observe, system-trace for microstack. This is now live.

However, I have 1 quick question - microstack currently has use of but manual connection of kernel-module-control - is this still required? Does microstack require auto-connection of kernel-module-control? Thanks.

Thanks Alex and Jamie!

In regards to the kernel-module-control, my understanding is that the necessary bits were rolled into the microstack-support interface. However, I’d need to reconfirm this and @dmitriis is likely to have more in-depth knowledge around this. If my understanding is correct, then it would make sense to move the kernel-module-control usage in the snap itself. Let me confirm and circle back.

kernel-module-control got removed along with the workaround for loading modules when running in devmode.

So we don’t need it to be auto-connected.

Thanks - I have removed kernel-module-control from the snap declaration.

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