Auto Connection Request For icon-theme-papirus Snap

hey @review-team i need auto connection for icon-themes plug for my snap icon-theme-papirus, since its a labour and tiring work to connect each eligible snaps to it, i created it since papirus icon is not properly supported by snaps and this snap will overall better integrate snap apps with the latest papirus icon, the snap supports all five variants of papirus and is a vanilla build made without any modifications thanks

icon-themes is not an existing snapd interface - is this perhaps a personal-files instance? If so, can you please provide more information about it (ie. paste the declaration of this interface here).

Thanks for checkingout, to explain what I need is that any snap containing icon-themes plug/slot or interface must automatically connect to papirus snap when installed, for even better understanding I want to automate the following command :

for plug in $(snap connections | grep gtk-common-themes:icon-themes | awk ‘{print $2}’); do sudo snap connect ${plug} papirus:icon-themes; done

I want the snap to do this automatically instead of the user doing it

Need some mechanism so that papirus: icon-themes automatically connect to other snaps icon:themes plug/slot or interface of other snap like firefox: icon-themes

Can be considered similar to gtk-common-themes snap, my snap Is a content rendering snap

Ah ok, so you are asking for global auto-connect for your theme snap? Thanks. This needs a bit more indepth review since we have to assess the contents of the snap is as expected - see the content and content for theme snaps items on

Yes you got it right, i am providing the yaml too for review :–

For the snap to be suggested for installation by snapd-desktop-integration, then it would need to be named icon-theme-papirus. And that would only work for the Papirus, Papirus-Dark, and Papirus-Light themes (as they all have the “papirus” prefix).

We don’t currently have a way to present it as an auto-install candidate for the ePapirus and ePapirus-Dark themes unless they were split out into a separate icon-theme-epapirus package. Those icon themes would still be made available to other snaps with your current layout: the user would just need to manually install the snap if they’re using ePapirus.

I’d also suggest switching to the bare base for the snap. You can do this by replacing base: core22 with:

base: bare
build-base: core22

This way your snap won’t force the install of the core22 snap. As your snap is only providing image data, it doesn’t need a runtime of its own. This way you don’t need to worry that you’re the last snap requiring core22 when core24, core26, etc come out.

Lastly, consider making your snap architecture independent.

  - build-on: amd64
    build-for: all

As it’s just data, the single snap will work on all architectures.

Thanks for the reply, i would like to know the way the snap can be renamed to the suggested one, i will implement the other changes in the meantime.

EDIT : Implemented all recommended changes other than renaming

There isn’t currently a method to rename snaps. You could just register the new name and publish there though. You’ve only just created the snap, so there aren’t likely many users around to migrate.

ok, so will i have to open other request for the new snap ??

Just edit the thread title and post to reflect the new snap name. It’s still essentially the same request.

Got it i have implemented all the suggestions provided, whats the next step

hey @review-team is my request completed ??

Each request needs two +1 votes from someone in @reviewers then it can be actioned. As I said earlier, icon-theme reviews are more in-depth since it involves inspecting the contents of the snap itself, so you will have to be patient. Thanks.

I have a quick question, @SamAlex are you a member of the Papirus team?

No just a community contribution, i have no contact with them though i requested them to make this offering official, no response from their side, i will retry ??, is it must for a official nod because i believe they are least interested in offering snap support, but i hope the best to get a nod from them if snapcrafters need a official nod

@Igor i have created contact with them, and some positive result are expected so we can consider the snap to be officially provided by papirus community in a short time ??

EDIT: The snap is now officially supported by the papirus community Hope this is enough…

Thanks for the clarification.

+1 from me, provided the check by the store team passes.

Hey @review-team , is this request completed ??, can i close this issue as completed…

No this is not completed - this issue will be updated when that is done.