Auto-connection request for “cura-slicer” #2

After testing the snap for some months, i’m re-requesting auto-connection for the following connections ( Old request )

  • network-manager-observe
  • mount-observe
  • removable-media

“network-manager-observe” is needed for detection of network-connected 3D-printers.

“mount-observe” and “removable-media”: Cura has the feature to store gcode-files directly on an external drive after slicing.

When testing the snap, please ignore the segfault when closing the Cura-GUI. The bug comes directly from upstream and cannot be fixed easily. The GUI mixes Qt-threads (C+±Objects) with normal Python-threading and when shutting down the program it cannot close them properly.

+1 from me for network-manager-observe as this is core functionality for using network connected 3d printers.

Regarding removable-media, the guidelines for auto-connect of this take into account media editors / viewers which would include cura-slicer IMO, however since this is not published by the direct upstream project and is an unofficial build, I am not inclined to vote in favor of removable-media auto-connect in this case. So -1 from me for removable-media and hence mount-observe.

Note there are other options in this case though if auto-connect of removable-media is strongly desired, please refer to the guidelines I linked to above for more details.


“removable-media” and “mount-observe” are a nice to have auto-connect but Cura works perfectly without these interfaces. I will update the description of the snap-package and mention the optional interfaces.

+1 from me for auto-connect of network-manager-observe

-1 From me for auto-connect of removable-media and mount-observe. If the upstream developers would like to take over this snap, I’d be happy to change my vote to a +1.

0 for, -2 against, 0 abstained for auto-connect of removable-media and mount-observe. Rejected.

+2 for, 0 against, 0 abstained for auto-connect of network-manager-observe. Granting.