Auto connection request for avahi


DeskConn is a daemon for the Linux desktop that lets one control many features of the desktop remotely. For mobile phones (or other clients) on the local network to be able to “discover” the service, we need to be able to “announce” the service. For that I am using avahi-publish command (maybe I should use the dbus interface instead.)

Please grant the auto-connect of avahi for snap deskconn


This depends on Human review required


The snap is currently using:

    interface: avahi-control
    - avahi
    - avahi-control

Which says that your snap is providing the avahi server to other snaps to be able to control. Why not simply plugs: [ avahi-control ]?


I think it will make sense for my snap to auto connect to the services-content interface on the avahi snap provided by @ondra@jdstrand do you think it would make sense to re-purpose this request for that ?


It might make sense, but I’d like to hear from @ondra on the intent of the interface. I think the idea is for gadget snaps to auto-connect to it, but IIRC your snap is primarily a classic snap?

Depending on @ondra’s answer and if he as publisher agrees that this is the intended usage and gives his blessing for you to auto-connect, I would be in favor of it provided there is some guarantee that it will continue to work (ie, there is a reason content interfaces only auto-connect for the publisher by default: he shouldn’t break you and you shouldn’t break him).


@om26er - also, which snap?


@om26er - ping, which snap is this?

@ondra - ping, can you comment on my previous questions?


@jdstrand the request is for my deskconn snap


Sorry, I see it now in the original request. Thanks!