Auto-connection request for `arduino-mhall` serial-port

I’m sorry that I wasn’t clear. The “slots-per-plug” will be added to the snap declaration, not your snap. You continue to use serial-port like normal. When the votes are tallied and we connect serial-port automatically, I’ll adjust the snap declaration in the store accordingly.

Thanks for the clarification. Stupid question; what is the snap declaration? I thought this was snap.yaml in the snap package?

So Publishers only need to request greedy plugs on the forum here? and snaps don’t need to be updated? Does this mean that the information provided in Plug/slot declaration rules: greedy plugs is only relevant to actual snapd developers or people managing the snapcraft store?

The snap declaration is a signed assertion (document) that corresponds to your snap. You can view it by doing “snap download foo”; that will download both the .snap file for the snap and a .assert file (feel free to look at it).

The ‘base declaration’ is something encoded in snapd that declares how interfaces can be installed, connected or auto-connected (you can see it with sudo snap debug get-base-declaration). The ‘snap declaration’, among other things, may have overrides to the base declaration for snapd to consider when evaluating things like auto-connection. The snap declaration is something that the store maintains and signs (snapd will verify the signature as needed) and reviewers are able to modify the portions of the snap declaration that relate to overriding the base declaration and setting aliases. In this manner, snaps just plugs and slots as desired and reviewers can update the snap declaration for a snap as per our processes.

Correct, just follow the processes you’ve always used to plugs and slots things and continue to make requests for auto-connection, etc in the forum like always. Snaps do not need to be updated. The information in the aforementioned link is primarily of interest to snapd developers and store reviewers, yes.


Very informative, thanks!

@reviewers - there aren’t enough votes to tally. Can others please vote?

Just a followup, since greedy plugs was granted to the arduino snap in the other request, I gave it a try here with my arduino, but it didn’t work unfortunately, but I filed to take a look at it.

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This seems to be a bug in the snap declaration, which I think I just corrected in the arduino and s4a snaps (arduino-mhall119 hasn’t been granted this yet).


I can confirm this works now for the arduino snap. The only thing I need to do is sudo snap set system experimental.hotplug=true.


Ping @reviewers, we need more votes for this to proceed.

I’m sorry I’m dense folks, but reading from top to bottom I can’t quite tell what is actually being requested here and what was requested elsewhere. Are we still voting on greedy plugs?

I’m asking for auto-connect serial-port with greedy plugs and raw-usb for arduino-mhall119.

Thank you for the clarification @galgalesh. +1 to auto-connect both serial-port with greedy plugs as well as raw-usb for arduino-mhall119 to better align with arduino.

+1 for auto-connect from me as well.

+1 on the proviso that this will be maintained for a while then users migrated to a better named snap, as discussed previously.

The arduino-mhall119 snap currently shows a warning on startup asking users to change, though if they click “ok”, the IDE still starts. Other than the warning messages, the snaps are the same.


The arduino-mhall119 snap lost ~4000 users in the last three months, so users are switching, but at this rate, it will still take at least 6 months until the userbase is completely gone. (The arduino snap gained ~14.000 users in the same time period.)

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4 votes for, 0 against for auto-connection of raw-usb and serial-port with greedy plugs. Granting, this is now live.

Thank you @galgalesh for taking over this snap and shepherding it through the process, and thank you everyone else involved in getting this done.

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