Auto connection of network-setup-control for network-manager snap

We would like to have the network-setup-control interface auto-connected for the network-manager snap. The NM snap calls now the netplan dBus interface to get the network services re-started and have NM as the default renderer.

+1 for auto-connection.

@reviewers - can others vote on this?

+1 for auto-connection. Makes sense.

It’s the raison d’être for network-manager :slight_smile: and it comes from a known publisher. +1 from me.

  • Daniel
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This appears to have already been granted - the snap declaration already includes this from what I can see.

Yes, I see in Request: autoconnect of `network-setup-control` for network-manager snap this was granted and I can confirm it is already in the snap declaration:

$ http Snap-Device-Series:16 | jq -r '."snap-id"'

$ snap known --remote snap-declaration series=16 snap-id=RmBXKl6HO6YOC2DE4G2q1JzWImC04EUy
    allow-auto-connection: true