Auto connection of camera interface for edgex-device-usb-camera

I’d like to request auto-connection rights for the edgex-device-usb-camera snap. The snap releases are managed by Canonical.

This an EdgeX device service maintained by the EdgeX community. The service allows the registration of USB webcams into EdgeX platform and exposes web APIs to configure and start streams. It can be configured to automatically find local USB camera devices based on their metadata and start the streams. The service uses the V4L2 API to interact with the camera. By default, it forwards the stream to a local RTSP server, i.e. rtsp-simple-server included as an app inside the same snap. It binds to the loopback interface by default and can be configured to have access control.

The snap services are DISABLED by default.

The rationale for the auto-connection is that the only goal of this snap is to communicate with local USB web cameras. This is clear from the name of the snap. The users installing it would always end up connecting the camera interface to work with the service.

The project is set to have a stable release of the service in the next weeks.

Please let me know if you need additional information.

+1 from me - given the snap has usb-camera in it’s name this seems pretty obvious and expected from an end-user perspective.

+1 from me as well since having camera auto-connected is expected for this snap to properly work. +2 votes for, 0 votes against. Granting the requested auto-connection. This is now live.