Auto-connection of avahi-observe and bluez for chip-tool


This is a request to add auto connection assertions for avahi-observe and bluez interfaces when installing chip-tool from the public store.

Chip Tool is a Matter (smart home standard) controller, which can be used for various Matter-related operations. To commission Matter devices, the application requires access to

  • Discover DNS-SD registrations. This is needed to discover the IP address of devices in the local network.
  • Discover devices over BLE. This is often used to initiate the commissioning of Thread devices.

On a classic system the slots are provided by the system (snapd):

  • chip-tool:avahi-observe:avahi-observe
  • chip-tool:bluez:bluez

On Ubuntu Core, the plugs should connect to other snaps:

  • chip-tool:avahi-observeavahi:avahi-observe
  • chip-tool:bluezbluez:service (Note the mismatching slot name)

In future, the chip-tool snap may define those snaps as default providers.

Auto connection wasn’t a requirement until now because users were expected to follow the documentation to install and then connect the interfaces. Recently, it came to our attention that using the commands on an Ubuntu system that doesn’t have Chip Tool installed, leads to an installation command suggestion without pointing the user to the documentation:

$ chip-tool
Command 'chip-tool' not found, but can be installed with:
sudo snap install chip-tool

which results in a partially functional deployment.


+1 from me for auto-connecting bluez and avahi-observe given the functionality of the snap

Thanks @cav for you feedback.

Since it has already been one week. Do we go ahead with one vote or should we extend the voting period?

+1 from me as well for auto-connect of avahi-observe and bluez as it aligns with the functionality of the snap.

2 votes for, 0 against. Granting auto-connection of avahi-observe and bluez to chip-tool snap. This is now live. Thanks

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