Auto-connecting the serial-port and raw-usb interfaces for Termius

We would like to ask to auto-connect the serial-port and raw-usb interfaces for Termius and Termius Beta We already have the Classic confinement granted , but we have not switched to it yet because of autoupdate issues.

We have added new functionality to the app for connections via a serial port and using U2F hardware keys.

We will use the classic confinement later when we find the best way to migrate our users, but now the key storing issue blocks our release to Snapcraft.

Is there any news? Do we need to provide some additional info?

Hey @Termius, apologize for the delay.

Could you please clarify the new functionality added that allows connections via a serial port? I ask since I don’t see any reference yet in the latest uploaded revision. Also, are you aware of the u2f-devices interface that might be useful as well?


Hi @emitorino, The termius app enables establishing connections to network equipment via an attached usb-to-serial adapter.

The changes are in termius-beta. We’ll publish it in the termius-app this week.

Thanks for pointing to u2f-devices interface. Could it be connected in addition to raw-usb?

Hi @emitorino,

The changes are in termius-beta and the termius-app snaps. What information can we provide to connect serial-port, raw-usb, and u2f-devices interfaces?

Hey @Termius, apologize for the delay.

+1 from me for auto-connect u2f-devices to termius-app and termius-beta. Can other @reviewers please vote?

Regarding serial-port and raw-usb, I believe serial-port should be enough for your use case. Have you explored the Hotplug support? What specifics errors/denials are you getting that you are also requesting raw-usb auto-connect?


+1 from me too for auto-connect of u2f-devices for termius-app and termius-beta.

+1 from me, as this is necessary functionality for the app.

@Termius hey,

I don’t see you have plugged u2f-devices yet in neither termius-app nor termius-beta. Can you confirm you are willing to plug it?


@termius can you confirm if the combination of serial-port and hotplug is sufficient (ie that raw-usb is not required)?

@termius - fwiw I locally tested a simple snap that plugs serial-port with a USB-serial converter - after enabling hotplug as detailed on and then connecting the serial-port interface for my snap it was able to access /dev/ttyUSB0 as expected. So this should be sufficient for termius as far as I understand.

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@Termius ping, can you please provide the requested information? Thanks!

@Termius I am removing this request from our internal queue as there doesn’t appear to be anything else which is required on the store side for your snap. If however you still require additional auto-connections or similar, please feel free to create another topic in the store-requests category.