Auto-connecting the password-manager-service interface for Termius

We would like to ask to auto-connect the password-manager-service interface for Termius and Termius Beta
We already have the Classic confinement granted, but we have not switched to it yet because of autoupdate issues

We have added new functionality to the app to improve users’ security. We encrypt users’ data with a key managed by the Secret Service API.
The key is required during the launch of the app when data is being decrypted, that is before the UI is displayed.

We will use the classic confinement later when we find the best way to migrate our users, but now the key storing issue blocks our release to Snapcraft.

Normally I would vote -1 against auto-connecting the password-manager-service interface because it allows other snaps that plugs the interface access to this snap’s passwords, and vice versa. However, this snap is already granted classic confinement so may already use the service as it sees fit. Do note that if this snap ever decided to go back to strict, then this reasoning would not apply, but it is clear that this snap requires classic confinement. +1

@reviewers - can others vote?

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+1 from me as well, the “already has classic” rationale makes sense.

  • Daniel
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+1 from me too - since classic confinement is already an option and as a strict mode snap with password-manager-service auto-connected has no additional authority than a classic snap this is just a stepping-stone on the way to classic confinement.

Although I wonder - since it has been ~6 months since classic was granted and there is still no classic snap published, is classic still definitely required for this snap? If users are happily using it without classic perhaps it is fine as a strict-mode snap and so in that case I do not agree that password-manager-service should be auto-connected.

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We definitely will use classic soon. Snapcraft users are not getting the full app functionality without classic(it is described in the our classic thread). We have got a few ideas about transferring our users to classic, and we will describe and discuss them in the classic thread soon.

But we are having a problem with Snapcraft release right now because of the new security improvements which require the possibility to use Secret Service API.

Hi guys. Is there any status update about the auto-connect for us? Our Snapcraft release are blocked and we need your decision.

Hi, we didn’t hear back from you and decided to provide more details about our release plan to Snapcraft.

Six months ago, we had a little understanding of how to migrate users to the classic confined application. After @popey described the approach, we re-scheduled the migration to classic mode because we wanted to provide good guidance to our users.

Our approach for the migration is publishing another classic Termius snap.

Lately, we developed the next big version of the app with new features: Group Sharing and improved security storage. This version uses the OS password manager to keep the app encryption key for the local storage. So the app relies on native password manager API as most-secure storage in the OS.

Our release schedule is:

  1. Release the current version to the Termius-app snap – one with using the OS password manager.
  2. Release a new classic Termius snap.
  3. Release the last version to Termius-app snap with the guidance about migration to Classic snap.

3 votes for, 0 against for granting auto-connection of password-manager-service (for this soon to be classic snap). This is now live for both termius-app and termius-beta.