Auto-connecting the accounts-service and contacts-service interfaces for the gnome-contacts snap


Request to allow gnome-contacts to auto-connect to accounts-service and contacts-service interfaces. These are required to access evolution-data-server and gnome-online-accounts.

The current snap in the stable channel is classic, however now that we have these interfaces available we’d like to make it strict. There is a strict snap built in the edge channel.

Name: gnome-contacts
Publisher: canonical


:+1: from a not-@reviewers person. I can give a :+1: too, right? :wink:

The more snaps we can move from classic to strict+interfaces IMO is a Good Thing™


+1 from me, this is clearly better than the snap using classic confinement :+1:


+1 to connect both. 2 votes for, 1 community vote for, 0 against. Granting auto-connection. This is now live.