Auto connected interfaces disappeared after dist upgrade

I recently went through a dist upgrade and found that some of my snaps(those not installed in dev mode) seemed to have lost their interface/plug connections.

The initial clue was a bunch of access denied file access errors when running an app in the terminal. I then did a quick grep of dmesg and found a lot of DENIED messages for my app.

A quick list of connections revealed: (ignoring the one I began connecting manually)

Interface        Plug                                              Slot                                           Notes
alsa             google-play-music-desktop-player:alsa             -                                              -
audio-playback   google-play-music-desktop-player:audio-playback   -                                              -
avahi-observe    google-play-music-desktop-player:avahi-observe    -                                              -
browser-support  google-play-music-desktop-player:browser-support  -                                              -
content          google-play-music-desktop-player:gnome-3-28-1804  -                                              -
content          google-play-music-desktop-player:gtk-3-themes     -                                              -
content          google-play-music-desktop-player:icon-themes      -                                              -
content          google-play-music-desktop-player:sound-themes     -                                              -
desktop          google-play-music-desktop-player:desktop          -                                              -
desktop-legacy   google-play-music-desktop-player:desktop-legacy   -                                              -
gsettings        google-play-music-desktop-player:gsettings        -                                              -
mpris            -                                                 google-play-music-desktop-player:mpris-player  -
network          google-play-music-desktop-player:network          -                                              -
network-bind     google-play-music-desktop-player:network-bind     -                                              -
opengl           google-play-music-desktop-player:opengl           -                                              -
pulseaudio       google-play-music-desktop-player:pulseaudio       -                                              -
unity7           google-play-music-desktop-player:unity7           -                                              -
wayland          google-play-music-desktop-player:wayland          -                                              -
x11              google-play-music-desktop-player:x11              :x11                                           manual

I started manually connecting them but thought this was a more interesting issue after briefly discussing it on IRC. And discovering that this should never happen :wink:

I have no easy way to replicate this as I discovered after a dist upgrade


Thank you for this report. We are looking into what may have caused this. We’ve experienced something similar on a core device and want to get to the bottom of the problem.

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Hello again

We are making some progress but would really benefit from a bit of information from you:

Can you run the following commands in your terminal and paste the result (tip, use triple backticks ``` to ensure it is readable)

  1. Run journalctl --list-boots - this will tell us if you have persistent logs enabled and if so, the time span they cover. If this prints some output

  2. If this prints some output try to find the log that contains the day you encountered the issue. You can obtain that log with journalctl -b NNN where NNN is the boot number as printed by the first command.

Can you also post snap changes too ?