Auto-connect requests for the Jami snap

Hello @reviewers ,

I’d like to request auto-connection of the following interfaces for the Jami snap:

  • camera
  • audio-record
  • hardware-observe
  • home

As an audio-video communication application, Jami depends on these interfaces/features for audio and video calls, detecting camera hotplugging and hardware acceleration, and allowing the user to send and receive files through Jami. Having them auto-connected for Jami would be crucial for offering a smooth experience for folks installing Jami via snap.

Thanks in advance for considering,

Edit 1: amended the request to include the home interface as well (required for sending and receiving files through Jami) and to mention reviewers.

Thanks for the request. +1 to camera audio-record and you don’t need to request home as that’s auto-connected anyway.

What doesn’t work if hardware-observe isn’t connected?

+1 from me too for camera and audio-record, these are core to it’s functionality. I would also be keen to understand why hardware-observe is required too.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against auto-connect of camera and audio-record for jami - this is now live. We can process hardware-observe once this is voted on and better understood.

Thank you Alex and Alan both for your help.

Regarding home, reading I got the impression that since Jami uses confinement: strict then home would not be auto-connected for it. However I did try it out again, and it indeed seems to be auto-connected and I seem to have been mistaken about that.

Regarding hardware-observe, my rationale for requesting it was me being unsure whether webcam hotplug detection and hardware acceleration would work without it. However, fellow Jami developers checked and verified that both of these features work just fine without hard-observe being connected. As such, I retract my auto-connect request for hardware-observe for the time being, and will make a new post about it in the future only if we’re sure that we need it for Jami to function correctly.

Thanks again for your help!