Auto-connect requests for the Jami snap

Hello @reviewers ,

I’d like to request auto-connection of the following interfaces for the Jami snap:

  • camera
  • audio-record
  • hardware-observe
  • home

As an audio-video communication application, Jami depends on these interfaces/features for audio and video calls, detecting camera hotplugging and hardware acceleration, and allowing the user to send and receive files through Jami. Having them auto-connected for Jami would be crucial for offering a smooth experience for folks installing Jami via snap.

Thanks in advance for considering,

Edit 1: amended the request to include the home interface as well (required for sending and receiving files through Jami) and to mention reviewers.

Thanks for the request. +1 to camera audio-record and you don’t need to request home as that’s auto-connected anyway.

What doesn’t work if hardware-observe isn’t connected?

+1 from me too for camera and audio-record, these are core to it’s functionality. I would also be keen to understand why hardware-observe is required too.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against auto-connect of camera and audio-record for jami - this is now live. We can process hardware-observe once this is voted on and better understood.