Auto-connect request: hardware-observe for kria-dashboard snap

Hello @reviewers,

I am requesting auto-connection of hardware-observe interface on kria-dashboard snap. This snap is enables users to monitor status of the peripherals in Kria FPGA SOM. And it needs to have access to hardware-observe interface.

According to our tests when the interface is connected snap works as expected. It would be nice to have it auto-connected to provide greater user experience.

Snap is published here: Install kria-dashboard on Linux | Snap Store

Thank you for your time and guidance in advance

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This seems entirely reasonable and expected given the purpose of this snap (system stat info for Kria SOM). +1 from me.

+1 also from me for grating kria-dashboard auto-connection to hardware-observe interface

+1 from me as well for granting auto-connect of hardware-observe to kria-dashboard snap.

3 votes for, 0 against. Fast tracking this request and granting auto-connect of hardware-observe to kria-dashboard. This is now live.