Auto-connect request for snapd-desktop-integration (snap-prompting-control)

There is a new interface proposed for snapd called snap-prompting-control which allows a desktop session to detect and respond to AppArmor prompts. This is being developed by the snapd team in a branch. snapd-desktop-intergration is using this interface in a branched version beging developed by the Canonical desktop team. Both snapd and snapd-desktop-integration are available in the store in latest/edge/prompting branches.

Currently the snapd-desktop-integration snap is not installable due to the new interface:

$ snap refresh snapd-desktop-integration
error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Mount snap "snapd-desktop-integration" (142) (installation not allowed by "snap-prompting-control" plug rule of interface "snap-prompting-control")

We are requesting auto-connect for the snap-prompting-control interface for the snapd-desktop-integration snap.


Just completing the loop here (for the reviewers visibility): this is not required for now as changes have been made to the interface on the prompting branch of snapd to allow for it.