Auto-connect request for simple-scan

Our simple-scan snap has the ability to connect to many types of scanners. For this functionality to support as many types of printers as possible, I am requesting additional auto-connection for the following interfaces:

  • raw-usb for scanners attached via usb
  • hardware-observe for simple scan to be able to detect usb scanners
  • avahi-observe for discovering driverless scanners

Hello @hellsworth,

  • +1 on hardware-observe auto-connect
  • +1 on avahi-observe auto-connect
  • tentative +1 on raw-usb, as I’m wondering if a manual connection might not suffice, but nonetheless an auto-connect for this snap’s purpose is certainly justifiable.

+1 from me too for hardware-observe and avahi-observe as these seem pretty obvious and uncontroversial.

Regarding raw-usb - I am interested to know if you think it might be possible to try and detect (via the accesses provided by hardware-observe) if a USB scanner is present and if raw-usb is not connected (snapctl is-connected raw-usb returns non-zero), to then prompt the user to connect it first? If this were possible it may provide a better and safer overall UX, however if this is not possible, then auto-connect of raw-usb doesn’t sound too unreasonable - but it would be good to try this suggestion first if you can. Thanks.

Thanks so much everyone! We will leave raw-usb for the user to manually connect, should they need it. We will need to decide how to prompt the user to manually connect this interface if it’s needed, but for now we will not request raw-usb to be auto-connected, but we need the other two and it sounds like you both were in favor of that :slight_smile:

Excellent, thank you. This will be completed at the end of the voting period.

2 votes for, 0 against, Granting auto-connect for avahi-observe and hardware-observe.

I see that the most recent revisions of the snap aren’t using these interfaces, but this is now live in the store so when future revisions of simple-scan include them, it will pass automatic review. Thanks