Auto-connect request for microceph snap


The microceph snap already has auto-connect to block-devices but in order to actually figure out what block device to interact with, we also need hardware-observe.

This should be pretty uncontroversial given that block-devices is generally a superset of much of that and far more dangerous.

The snap is available in the store currently (snap install microceph --edge). The source for it is currently in a private repo at (though I expect we’ll flip it public shortly).

+1 from me - this is required for standard functionality of the snap.

Hey there,

Is there something else I need to do to get this change applied or does someone else need to review it?

I just published a new build of microceph to the store and it’s not auto-connecting hardware-observe.

The usual process is to require two +1 votes over the 1 week voting period - in this case, there has only been one vote, however since this is pretty uncontroversial and has gone for 2 weeks without anyone else adding their vote, I have just granted this with the single +1 vote.

If other @reviewers disagree can you please chime in and we can revert this.


I’ve not see this request earlier, best to tag reviewers to get their attention. +1 from me as well, for the record.

I am also +1 on this auto-connection request. Thanks @alexmurray!