Auto connect request for mapollage:removable-media

I would like to apply for auto connect on mapollage:removable-media.

hi @trixon, could you please provide some more detail on how mapollage specifically uses removable-media? We tend to be more careful about auto-connecting this interface so any further details are appreciated

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Hello @cav, mapollage generates kml files based on the users existing geotagged photos. They are not always located in the home directory.

Depending on the configuration, and image cache of scaled images might be created besides the kml. Not every user wants this in their home.


I am leaning towards a +1 for auto-connecting as the snap could be placed under a media editors (as defined here. what do other @reviewers think?

I agree with @cav that mapollage can fit in the media viewers/editors category so I am +1 as well for granting removable-media auto connection.

I see @trixon you are the upstream maintainer of this project, so in this case as per our process we can proceed with the grant without vetting. +2 votes for, 0 votes against. This is now live.

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