Auto-connect request for logseq

Logseq requires control over a git repository as a way of syncing the user graphs. When enabled, git commit is periodically executed by logseq and a hook takes care of git push: everything is detailed here:

Since Logseq sync is still in beta and it’s also a paid feature, GIT sync is one of the most used way to sync the user graphs.

Similar to what did for the hugo snap (see System-files and personal-files request for hugo) I added three interfaces I’d like to autoconnect:

  • system-gitconfig (read permission over /etc/gitconfig)
  • user-gitconfig (read permission over ~/.gitconfig and ~/.config/gitconfig)
  • ssh-keys since those backup repositories are rarely public

A reference to my latest commit which triggered the manual review for those interfaces:

@pgentili, can you please use the interface names etc-gitconfig and gitconfig to be consistent with other snaps?

+1 from me for auto-connect of system-files named etc-gitconfig for read access to /etc/gitconfig and for personal-files named gitconfig for read access to ~/.gitconfig and ~/.config/git/config for logseq as this is a standard feature of this snap.

auto-connect to ssh-keys looks risky, have you explored the option of using OAuth instead of using ssh private key for git push


@0xnishit thanks for the quick answer.

Updated the interface names as requested, see here.

For SSH keys, using OAuth could be a possibility of course but it really depends on the platform and it feels a bit more like a workaround than a real solution. The official guide does not mention it and it’ll be difficult for a community based snap to sponsor it.

true, I understand your concern, but I am thinking from a user point of view as well. @reviewers can help if they have a better solution

Also, the git-syncing part is optional, not every user uses it, how about granting the ssh-keys interface to manual-connect and not auto-connect?

I’m actually Ok with that. I can add instructions on the listing page.

+1 to auto-connect etc-gitconfig and gitconfig.

I am also in favour of leaving ssh-keys manually connected if the user so desires.

thanks, +1 from me as well to auto-connect etc-gitconfig and gitconfig interfaces and manually connect to ssh-keys interface

+2 votes for auto-connecting etc-gitconfig and gitconfig. Please submit a revision that includes these interface references and we can grant the appropriate auto-connections.

Now pending manual review.

My apologies, before we grant these we must do publisher vetting as system-files and personal-files are both super-privileged interfaces. @advocacy / @igor can you please perform the required vetting?

+1 from me, I verified the publisher.

Granting auto connect of etc-gitconfig and gitconfig to logseq. Could you please resubmit it for manual review.