Auto-connect request for landscape-client


I’d like to request auto-connection for the following interfaces on the landscape-client snap:

  • account-control: This interface is needed to allow remote user management (adding & removing users) on Ubuntu Core devices through Landscape.
  • process-control: This interface is needed to allow users to remotely kill and end processes remotely through Landscape. Useful when the snap is running on Ubuntu classic.

Here are the past requests for other interfaces: 1 & 2.

Tagging @mitchburton & @mikecw for visibility.


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The interfaces are in line with what landscape is set to do.


+1 from me too - these are standard use-cases for landscape-client.

+1 from me as well for the requested auto-connections since both are clearly required for landscape capabilities. +3 votes for, 0 votes against. This is now live.

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