Auto-connect request for bluez and the scalextric-arc-ble-protocol-explorer snap


I would like to request auto-connect for the bluez interface for my snap scalextric-arc-ble-protocol-explorer.

Scalextric, one of the world’s largest slot car manufacturers, have in their lastest generation of so called powerbases included support for Bluetooth Low Energy, and have provided the documentation for it. This means that anyone can write a race management application that interfaces through BLE to a Scalextric slot car track.

It’s a bit hard for readers of Scalextric’s documentation to understand all the practical details, so my snap scalextric-arc-ble-protocol-explorer helps other developers and power users understand how this really works in practice. The snap runs as a web server that also connects through BLE to the Scalextric powerbase, and it therefore needs the bluez interface. As this snap will typically be used by people not familiar with Linux, I would therefore like to request auto-connect for the bluez interface.

In the snap page, there’s a link to a GitHub repository with the all the source code and a readme which explains more. It’s currently in the development branch, not the default main branch, as I’m waiting for this approval before I release a production version (it’s currently released as a “release candidate 1” version).

Thanks & Regards, Anders Ryberg

Since the snap is clearly about handling the BLE protocol, auto-connection of bluez makes perfect sense. +1 from me for auto-connect of bluez for scalextric-arc-ble-protocol-explorer.

+1 from me as well for auto-connect bluez to scalextric-arc-ble-protocol-explorer due to the explanation provided. +2 votes for, 0 votes against. Granting auto-connect of bluez to scalextric-arc-ble-protocol-explorer. This is now live.