Auto-connect request for aws-iot-greengrass snap

On top of the plugs that already have auto-connect enabled, the aws-iot-greengrass snap requires these plugs to work correctly:

* hardware-observe
* hugepages-control
* log-observe
* mount-observe

Could we automatically connect these plugs in the aws-iot-greengrass snap?

Did I miss any information?

These interfaces are required for the snap to work.

Apologies, somehow we (reviewers) missed seeing this request come in… Can you please detail why each interface is required and for what purpose they are used? Thanks.

@zjoseal - ping, can you please provide the requested information?

Sorry, I need to go back and run some scenarios, but I’m working on a couple of things rn. This might take a couple of days.

Background: we’ve recently moved from relying on the container flavor of the greengrass-support interface to a much more limited process flavor. The container flavor has a lot of permissions that either aren’t necessary anymore (now that we only support process-mode greengrass) or now exist in other interfaces.

I can say off the bat that hardware-observe and hugepages-control have some of the permissions that the original container flavor of greengrass-support already had.

When we carried over some permissions from the container flavor to the process flavor, we got this comment on the PR:

This is already allowed in hardware-observe.

We’ve been moving away from relying on greengrass-support for permissions we need. We want to substitute as much of the greengrass-support interface with built-in interfaces as possible.

+1 from me on these interfaces, I worked with the AWS developers on the new process variant of the greengrass-support interface with the understanding that aws-iot-greengrass would be provided these other interfaces in lieu of using the more privileged greengrass-support interface variant.

(note I am not formally a reviewer and thus my vote should not be counted, but just to provide context as a snapd developer)

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+1 on all of these interfaces. I’ve worked with @ijohnson on the greengrass-support interface and discussed the recent changes.


+2 votes for, 0 votes against auto-connect of hardware-observe, hugepages-control, log-observe, mount-observe. This is now live.

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