Auto-connect removable-media for the kdiskmark snap

The documentation says that interface removable-media can be made autoconnectable as an exception. The only and main task of kdiskmark is benchmarking internal and external drives. The application has a warning that mentions the slot you need, but it would be nice if it happened automatically, like with mount-observe and hardware-observe, also to improve the user experience. The application cannot read or write arbitrary files to an external device, limited to creating a single file named .kdiskmark.tmp

Whilst the application may not read/write arbitrary files, the removable-media permission is not able to be scoped to just a single file so either way it ends up with the full permission even if it doesn’t necessarily use it.

As per the Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks, auto-connect for removable-media is currently only defined as appropriate for major browsers / email clients and applications that handle media files. Since KDiskMark does not fit within this category, I do not think it is appropriate for auto-connect with the current guidelines.

Since the snap has mount-observe auto-connected though, it sounds like you are already able to prompt / notify the user when they may need to connect the removable-media plug and so this seems like it should be able to provide a reasonable end-user experience without auto-connect.

As such, -1 from me for auto-connect of removable-media for kdiskmark.

Hey @JonMagon,

I am -1 as well for auto-connect removable-media since all snaps with this interface connected have unrestricted access to all data from any plugged media. I think this is too broad compared to the use case you are describing.

0 votes for, 2 votes against. Not granting the requested auto-connection.