Auto-connect removable-media for LibrePCB


I’m the author of LibrePCB and publisher of the librepcb Snap. I’d like to ask for auto-connecting the removable-media interface for that Snap.

Reason: The one and only purpose of LibrePCB is to design printed circuit boards (PCBs), which are stored as project files on the disk. So file access is a fundamental requirement of the software, just like any CAD software, word processor, video editing software etc. Although the home folder is accessible by default, many users have their projects stored somewhere else, e.g. within /media or /mnt. Therefore we already got “bug” reports that projects cannot be opened/stored at these locations.

The LibrePCB project is gaining popularity (currently ~5000 installs according Snap statistics), and we’re just about finalizing the 1.0 release which is a big milestone for the project.

I don’t know if LibrePCB qualifies for the auto-connect, but I think our users would appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @ubruhin, I think auto-connect access to removable-media interface aligns with the use of this snap. +1 from me

The requirements are understood and the auto-connect to removable-media makes sense for the functionality of this snap. +1 from me.

If we take the view that LibrePCB is essentially a media editor, which doesn’t seem unreasonable and is a supported use case defined in the Process for aliases, auto-connections and track, then I am +1 also. Publisher vetting will be required.

@Igor ping can you please perform vetting for this request?

+1 from me, I verified the publisher.

+3 votes for, 0 against and publisher vetting completed. Granting auto-connect of removable-media to LibrePCB. This is now live.


Awesome, thank you! :tada: