Auto connect raw-usb chromium (WebUSB)

I request for auto connection of raw-usb interface on chromium snap, this is needed by Trezor wallet.

It relies on WebUSB to communicate with the trezor without installing daemon and, therefore, needs raw usb access.

Thank you for the topic. This request must come from the snap’s publisher. @oSoMoN, can you comment?

@mbkoi: have you tested with an actual device and can you confirm that connecting the raw-usb interface is enough to make the device fully functional in chromium?

I’m not sure this interface should be auto-connected (even if the above is true), this sounds to me like a use case where asking users to explicitly connect an interface to apply caution is actually a good thing. What do you think @jdstrand ?

I tend to agree. Granting the snap access to all USB devices by default would be surprising as a user.

Ideally a contextual prompt would be used at the time of access that the interface needs to be connected (this would require a code change to chromium). That said, we have granted chromium auto-connection of the camera and microphone since it has its own access controls. An argument could be made that if chromium can be shown to have the necessary access controls in place for arbitrary USB devices, then perhaps the interface could be auto-connected (that might be more of a justification for prompting via the shell’s wrapper to connect the interface to still let the user decide though).

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