Auto-connect "personal-files" request, for 1st Money

Hi there! Could the personal-files interface be auto-connected for the 1st Money snap?

1st Money has a “Run at startup” feature that needs permission to create a .desktop file under: $HOME/.config/autostart/1stmoney.desktop

I’ve added this plug to the snap.yaml:

    interface: personal-files
      - $HOME/.config/autostart/1stmoney.desktop

I’ve also added: autostart: 1stmoney.desktop

If you’ve got any questions, or need more information about this request, please let me know. Thanks!

PS: 1st Money is a personal finance app, built using the Electron framework.

Hi @1st-money - the snap autostart feature is documented at Snapcraft app and service metadata - in this case, instead of writing the desktop file to $HOME/.config/autostart/1stmoney.desktop instead write it out into $SNAP_USER_DATA/.config/autostart/1stmoney.desktop and then it should just work without the need for personal-files.

Thanks, that works perfectly!

Awesome - see the snap is now passing automated review so I will remove this request from our teams internal queue. Thanks!