Auto-connect mount-observe and hardware-observe for the kdiskmark snap

Dear @reviewers, I would like to request two interface auto-connections for my benchmarking application

  • mount-observe: A user would select in a dropdown list mounted point (device) where he wants to run a benchmark.
  • hardware-observe: It also shows the model name of the storage device and/or a flag if the device is encrypted, needs a sysblock read permission.

Thank you.

+1 from me for both mount-observe and hardware-observe. This seems appropriate for an application which has a primary case of reading/writing to disks to benchmark and understand the hardware.

Also, nice application!


It’s been over a year since the topic was created. Any updates?

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Apologies, this request seems to have slipped our radar and went completely unnoticed by the reviewers team - +1 from me too, these are both clearly required for the standard functions of the snap.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of mount-observe and hardware-observe for kdiskmark. This is now live.