Auto-connect log-observe interface for prometheus-grok-exporter snap


I am the publisher of Prometheus Grok exporter snap

The snap install and configure the following tool

This tool extracts metrics from logs and expose them for prometheus.

You can find the snapcraft.yaml used to create the snap here:

The snap needs the log-observe interface to access /var/log.

I want to request to have this interface automatically connected to the snap once it is installed.

Can you please review my request?

Thanks and regards

+1 to auto-connect. This is core functionality of the snap. @reviewers - can others vote?

+1 from me as well, seems central to the snap.

+1 from me too :slight_smile:

Thanks for voting.

I understand I got the the approval, correct?
(Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks)

What’s next now?

@jdstrand any news on this topic?


3 votes for, 0 against. Granting auto-connect of log-observe to this snap. This is now live.