Auto-connect hardware-observe (now kernel-module-observe) for test-snapd-ubuntu-core-initramfs


I made a snap to help rebuild UC20 kernel snaps which uses the ubuntu-core-initramfs package. This package requires access to reading kernel modules on the system (not loading them), so it needs the hardware-observe interface. I can manually connect it for now in the tests I need it for, but it would be nicer for devs who might need this tool to not need to manually connect this interface, so I’d like it to be auto-connected.


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@ijohnson and I discussed this on irc. We agreed kernel-module-observe should be used instead. +1 for auto-connect for kernel-module-observe to this test snap from a snapd developer. I’m granting this in the interest of time. @reviewers - please let me know if you feel this should change.