Auto-connect for my private snap

Hey group,

I have a private snap that is called sportogo-locker. I controls smart lockers over a serial device. This serial device however is a usb-serial device and currently I need hotplug to detect it but I also need to connect it manually. Since our devices are distributed and I don’t have physical access (without really long rides), I would like to request greedy auto-connect to be enabled for this snap. I think that would solve my issue.

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Given the purpose of this snap is to communicate over USB-Serial auto-connect of serial-port with greedy plugs seems entirely logical.

+1 from me.

+1 from me to allow this snap that plugs: [ serial-port ] to connect over USB-serial

Thanks for the support! :metal:

May I ask how many +1s are usually needed?

2 +1 votes are needed (and then it needs to wait for the 7 day voting period to expire at which point a reviewer can action the change).

+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of serial-port with greedy plugs for sportogo-locker. This is now live.

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Thanks a lot! I’ll test it soon! :smiley:

Hey I thought it didn’t work, so I wanted to ask, what my problem was, but I realized that hotplugging was disabled, not it works fine :smiley:

Is there a possible way to enable hotplugging by default when building the model (without a gadget snap), like some commands, that I might want to run? Can I place this in the install hook of my snap?

I think the only way to do this is via a gadget snap - but @ogra would probably know best.

… which is only possible in a brand store. It looks like many things are pushing towards this.

Anyway, I thought about hooks that you can add via ubuntu-image. Would that be an option?

well, such a feature does currently not exist in ubuntu-image … so a gadget is ATM the only way to do this …