Auto-connect for amz-workspaces

Hi, I’d like to request network-observe and audio-record to be auto-connected for amz-workspaces. amz-workspaces is a wrapper snap for the Amazon Workspaces (Desktop as a Service) deb, which gets fetched and unpacked into $SNAP_DATA at install time via a configure hook.

When running without the network-observe interface connected, the application reports:

With the interface connected:

audio-record is being requested as the Workspaces client can forward the microphone into the Workspace I believe via PCoIP. I think users would expect this to be working as with remote ways of working people may be expected to join conference calls within the workspaces environment.

+1 from me for auto-connect of network-observe for amz-workspaces.

Regarding audio-record this is a more privileged interface - I notice the snap’s description doesn’t mention anything about audio functionality etc - as such I think that users may be surprised to find that it would have access to their microphone etc. Can you please update the snap description to mention that it supports audio forwarding etc? Then I think it would be more appropriate to grant auto-connect of audio-record.

Thanks @alexmurray, I’ve made an update to the description, which should hopefully make it clear to the user that the microphone is passed through.

+1 from me as well for auto-connect audio-record and network-observe to amz-workspaces since both are required for the snap to properly work.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against. Granting the requested auto-connection. This is now live.

@Nightmayr thanks for updating the snap description to clarify the need of audio-record.

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