Auto-connect "camera" request, for 1st Money

Hi there! Could the camera interface be auto-connected for the 1st Money snap?

1st Money provides payroll and HR software for companies of any size.

Many of our features require scanning documents, like receipts for expenses, resignation letters, evidencing a tax form’s been sent, employee portraits, etc…

Here’s how the user uses the camera in our software:

  • The user must click a “Take photo” button to turn on the camera.
  • A live camera preview is shown on-screen.
  • We never record video, only take photos.
  • A preview of the photo is shown before saving it.

I don’t think it’d make sense to have each user manually connect the camera interface. It’s core to how our software tracks documents. I doubt most of our users would be tech-savvy enough to run a terminal command anyway.

If you’ve got any questions, or need more information about this request, please let me know. Thanks!

+1 from me as, while camera usage doesn’t seem like the primary functionality of the snap, it seems to add significant convenience and it would be great to have it working out of the box. (e.g. I use expense tracking software extensively and I’d be dead if the “scan receipt” functionality didn’t “just work”).

  • Daniel
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Would be nice to mention something like the above in the description of the snap so that users are actually aware the camera will be used and connected by default…

Hi there, thanks for the input.

I’ve updated our snap’s description, here’s the relevant line:

Take a picture of a receipt, or other proof of purchase to make things easier for your accountant.

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+1 from me too - this seems like expected default behaviour for such an application.

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+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect of camera for 1stmoney - this is now live.