Auto connect / alias request for tempest

tempest snap packages two widely used projects in the OpenStack integration testing ecosystem. The tempest test suite itself and the python-tempestconf package that provides auto configuration feature for the tempest test suite against a deployed OpenStack cloud.

1 - The python-tempestconf package installs a command line application called “discover-tempest-config”, which is currently exposed and aliased in the snapcraft.yaml file to “”. I would like to request the “discover-tempest-config” alias so that users can run “discover-tempest-config” directly upon installation of the tempest snap.

2 - The tempest suite needs the network-observe plug in order to use the “ping” binary, that is used by the test suite to check for connectivity to the VMs created on the cloud during testing. I would like to request auto connection of the network-observe plug for ease of use for the users.


  • the store registered name is “tempest”
  • I am not the publisher of the snap, however I am one of the collaborators. Is it enough for me to request or should I get in touch with the publisher to make the request?


Hey @mertkirpici

I am +1 on alias “discover-tempest-config” and +1 on auto-connect of network-observe plug, given the nature of this snap


thanks @0xnishit.

I believe I need one more approval from a reviewer, can someone from @review-team take a look at this?


As you say, the discover-tempest-config binary is already provided by the python[3]-tempestconf package in Ubuntu and so the two would conflict with one another if they are installed together.

However, as they are both the same software package, this makes sense and likely users who install both will be able to handle the conflict if required since these are more low-level testing tools.

As such, +1 from me for the auto-alias discover-tempest-config for the tempest snap.

Also +1 for network-observe as this seems quite reasonable for this use-case.

Thanks @alexmurray

For these to take effect, do I need to do anything else?

Nothing else for you to do, everything seems on track, so we will tally the votes and apply these changes at the end of the review period as defined here.

+2 for, 0 against. Granting auto-alias discover-tempest-config and network-observe interface for the tempest snap. This is now live

thanks @0xnishit, I do observe that network-observe gets auto connected.

However I do have one question. The discover-tempest-config name is not auto aliased. Currently the app name does not match what we have declared in the snapcraft.yaml file, do they have to match for this to work?

i.e. I have this in the snapcraft.yaml file

    command: bin/discover-tempest-config
    - home
    - network

should I change this to for the auto aliasing to work?

hi @mertkirpici, sorry about that. I had little typo in granted aliases. It should be fixed now. can you check again? thanks

checked now, its working. thanks again @0xnishit!