Auto-connect adb-support and raw-usb for ubports-flasher

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ubports-flasher is a command line tool to flash the Ubuntu Touch operating system on supported devices. The flashing process involves detecting the device over USB and issuing various commands (getting vendor properties, reboot, push files and write partitions) via the adb and fastboot commands. Access to the adb-support interface is required for the former, the raw-usb one for the latter.

I would like to avoid the user the trouble of having to connect these interfaces manually.

The page for ubports-flasher on the store: Install ubports-flasher on Linux | Snap Store

+1 from me - these are expected permissions for such an application.

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+1 from me too for autoconnect of adb-support given privileged access to devices is required for this snaps functionality and usage of adb-shell, and for raw-usb given this is required for flashing connected devices.

+2 votes for, 0 votes against. Granting auto-connect of adb-support and raw-usb to ubports-flasher. This is now live.

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