Auto-aliases for OpenStack base snaps


The OpenStack base snaps (keystone, glance, neutron, nova, and nova-hypervisor) currently have the following aliases defined in their snapcraft.yaml:

app:manage - keystone-manage

app:manage - glance-manage

app:manage - neutron-db-manage

app:manage - nova-manage

app:neutron-ovs-cleanup - neutron-ovs-cleanup
app:neutron-netns-cleanup - neutron-netns-cleanup

The source for these snaps is located at:

Can these aliases be defined as auto-aliases?


All of these make sense for the snaps in question and are properly namespaced to not conflict with anything outside of OpenStack snaps.

I was curious why the nova-hypervisor snap has aliases for commands that look like they belong in the neutron snap. Can you comment?

Thanks for taking a look. Neutron support is split across 2 snaps in this architecture, similar to the architecture described here: The neutron snap itself provides controller services (api and database), while the nova-hypervisor snap includes neutron services that provide networking for instances.

Thanks @coreycb.

+1 for auto-aliases

Given @jdstrand’s comments above, +1 as well.

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Requests granted and these are now live.

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