Auto-alias az from azure-cli snap


Can you please set up an automatic alias for the az command in the azure-cli snap?

The vendor has shown interest in providing this snap themselves, but are unwilling to pick up publication until after tab completion lands in Xenial. Until then the snap will be maintained by myself, Scott Moser, and Uros Jovanovic.


Thanks for all the details @evan.

+1 for the auto-alias. While ‘az’ is very short (and therefore more likely to collide), the ‘az’ command is provided by the ‘azure-cli’ deb (in Ubuntu at least) which this snap is meant to replace.

+1, and I think it’s safe to release the alias earlier if necessary for their needs.

Per architects, tallying vote early:

2 votes for
0 votes against
0 votes abstained

Alias granted and it is live now.

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