Auto-alias apm in atom snap

An issue has been filed against the Atom snap to add the apm command to the Atom snap. The snapcraft.yaml has been update to include the apm command, can the associated alias please be added to the store.

‘apm’ is a well-known, old power management command provided by the apmd package in Debian and Ubuntu. Modern systems use ACPI instead and it seems that at least Debian and Ubuntu kernels no longer enable APM support. Having been an apm user in the past, my knee-jerk reaction was to -1 this, but I suspect these days there are far more ‘atom package manager’ users than ‘advanced power management’ users.

While I don’t like collisions of this nature, I’ll give a +1 for the reasons stated above.

@Wimpress Is the apm command working well inside the snap? Has it been tested with actual packages?

My gut reaction was the same as @jdstrand’s, but given the information provided above by Jamie it also sounds fine to me to enable it. But let’s please make sure it actually works first.

Yes, I tested a local build of atom based on the recent commits and apm works correctly as best as I can tell, although it is currently namespaced atom.apm.

Two votes for, zero against. Granted the auto-alias. This is now live.

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