Arm64, armhf, s390x and ppc64el architectures failing for snapcraft remote-build

These architectures have been building fine for me (building the CMake snap) using the snapcraft remote-build method for many releases now. Don’t know what’s changed recently, but it’s nothing on my side. I’m using the same details (apart from different CMake source code, which has no dependency changes itself) as past successful releases. It’s worth noting that the failures also give back no build logs, so you can’t even get any information about why they are failing.

A suspiciously similar post from 2 years ago notes the same combination of specific architectures that fail, but I don’t see any connection with my failures. None of my dependencies should have changed.

I get the failures building against both core18 and core20, if that matters (discovered that through a fortuitous accident).

Anyone know if the build machines for those specific architectures are having issues?

Took all day and a few retries, but finally got builds through. Still interested in if anyone knows why things were intermittently failing, and more importantly, anywhere to look for info on service health, outages, etc.

This might have been infrastructure issues, I also saw people mentioning that was timing out.

I am going to ask some folks that take care of infra to confirm.