Are snaps supported on Amazon Linux 2?


I’m trying to find out whether snaps are, or are officially planned to be, supported on Amazon Linux 2. This distro has some compatibility with the EL family but not with every package.

Currently, it appears that it’s not possible to install snapd from EPEL due to an insufficient version of selinux-policy-base in this distro.

We have a report from one user of our snap who previously managed to install snapd 2.36.3-0.amzn2. However, they appear to be unable to upgrade the daemon (via yum, or the core or snapd snaps). Our snap requires functionality from 2.38, so the user is stuck.

I can see that there is some commit history in the snapd project relating to Amazon Linux 2, but at the same time, the distro is not listed on

Should we take this to mean that it is not supported, or perhaps “not yet/fully”? Any indication either way would be most welcome.

Thank you!

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We would like to fully support AL2, but I think it would need some coordination with the maintainers that we have not been able to establish to deal with things like the drift of security libraries. I know that in order to work more easily on apparmor distros that ship different versions of apparmor we are moving the apparmor code into the snapd snap itself, so we will work on any apparmor-enabled kernel.

For selinux we could look to do the same, which might ease the dependency you describe. Not sure if there are other ways to address the AL2 gap right now, but we will definitely take patches if you have them.