Arduino IDE compiler location

I am running ubuntu 18.04 LTS as OS on my PC. I have installed the Arduino IDE via ubuntu software center. ‘arduino-mhall119’ was installed in the folder snap in /home/user. For using Ardublockly I need the ‘compiler location’ of the Arduino IDE. Unfortunately I can not find it. I am soory, but have no experience in the snap installation procedure and using its container applications. Any help appreciated!

the /home/$USER/snap/<snapname>/ directory is only for using it as a workdir and storing config files etc …

executable binaries of a snap are typically in /snap/<snapname>/<version>/ (with /snap/<snapname>/current/ being a symlink to the currently used version)

that said … if you want to actually execute something from outside the snap (i.e. a third party appliaction) you should take a look inside the /snap/bin directory which will make sure the executables are run under their properly set up snap environment.

Thank You very much for Your kind suggestions. I will try it.