Archlinux - Unable to build snapd

I am currently trying to get version 2.54.1 building on Archlinux via the AUR package and getting the following error:

*** Setting version to '2.54.1-1' from user.
../go/src/ duplicate case _Ciconst_C_ACT_KILL_THREAD (value 0) in switch
	previous case at ../go/src/
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
 -> error making: snapd

I can’t see any issue with the seccomp library on Github, so I’m wondering what the issue might be?

cc @mborzecki thoughts on this?

I’ve commented in AUR already. I have no clue why it does not build in your system. Suggestion is still the same. Try with a vanilla makepkg.conf, make sure that you are using go rather than gcc-go, I guess you could also that the libseccomp package is up to date. Then try building in a clean chroot: If that fails, file a bug at

The package was able to be built in a clean chroot.

The most basic difference I can tell from the chroot and my regular system environment is that I use clang as my C compiler instead of gcc.