Archlinux doc wrong?

Hi there,

first of all thanks for snapcraft it’s great and I started using it recently.

You state the following in your wiki article as the steps to install snapd on arch:

sudo yaourt -S snapd

a) You shouldn’t recommend usage of yaourt as aurhelpers are not officially supported and doesn’t not ship with arch (it requires to be built manually beforehand)

  • building packages manually is the only recommended

b) I dont think sudo is required allowed to run yaourt, also wouldn’t you need to run yaourt with the --aur switch?

CC @mborzecki who is our Arch expert

In general you’re correct. We should probably mention that you can either download the PKGBUILD or clone the AUR package repo yourself (recommended) or use one of the AUR helpers. In practice, I’m yet to meet a person who actually clones the package repos or downloads package files themselves :slight_smile:. It’s a controversial topic anyway, better suited for /r/archlinux or Arch MLs.

But yeah, yaourt feels like an odd choice. I suppose it was mentioned as it seems to be the most popular, although questionable, choice (also they have a repo you can just add to pacman, so there’s that). FWIW I’m using pacaur myself. If yaourt is requiring sudo upfront than that’s probably bad, pacaur only does that when actually installing the package, the download/build part is done as a regular user.

On Monday, I’ll try to find out where this documentation lives and have it updated.

Opened a PR to snappy-docs: