Approval and auto-connection for custom-device interface on matter-pi-gpio-commander

We’ve changed the implementation of matter-pi-gpio-commander to use chardev for GPIO access, and as a result require the use of a custom-device interface. Please refer to the existing discussion here

The custom-device interface slot and plug definitions can be reviewed from the chardev branch. This will be merged into main once we have the approval.

This request is to (1) approve the use of the custom-device and if possible (2) set up an auto connection for it.


As it was already discussed, custom device seems to be the right approach to fit matter-pi-gpio-commander needs for now, until gpio-aggregator will be released.

Thus +1 from me for granting matter-pi-gpio-commander auto-connect to custom-device interface

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for the same reasoning as @jslarraz , +1 from me as well.

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Could someone else please provide their input on these changes? We would appreciate the assistance from the @review-team. Thank you!

+1 from me as well auto-connection of custom-gpio-dev as it fits the functionality of the snap.

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+3 votes for, 0 votes against, fast-tracking auto-connect of interface custom-device to snap matter-pi-gpio-commander. This is now live.