Appropriate method to approach a developer about snap packaging

I am not a developer nor play one on the internet. With that clearly stated, I do not know the most appropriate means of requesting a snap package from a developer. Does this get opened as an issue on the github page? Should I just track down an email address? What is the preference? Additionally, I recognize the merits of snap packages. They/He/She may not. Would anyone care to suggest the best method of communication to a project and some talking points to cover with them? Currently, the project requires some technical hurdles to be conquered to become operational. Ease of installation is my top suggestion. Update mechanism is second. Confinement and security is third. Am I missing anything? Thanks in advance

I have written some templates for packagers that implemented a unofficial snap package: Intent To Package Template · Lin-Buo-Ren/snapcrafters-template-plus Wiki


This is exactly what I am looking for. I hope others will add suggestions too.

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I like the template! good start!

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I’ve gone ahead and poked around at the projects Reddit. I was instructed to create a ticket on the project’s github page. Here I would love to see this get some traction. The official installation documentation linked Here exceeds my technical proficiency. The user guides Here and Here are incomplete for exact step by step instructions.

The Intent-to-Package template is NOT meant to be used to request the upstream to implement the snap packaging, but for letting them know you have a working prototype to consolidate the efforts.

I’ve edited and removed it. I thought I was clear about my intentions. Apologies.