App Icon not shown for store entry

I just found out that there is no icon shown for my app Super Productivity. I specified one on and the app itself also shows an icon in the task bar. Can anybody help me with how to remedy this?

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Can you explain more what you are seeing? I can see the icon at Install superproductivity on Linux | Snap Store and also in the snap-store app

As a publisher, I sometimes see this on the website and just put it down to caching. Eventually, it shows up, but sometimes it takes a while. It’s incredibly frustrating if I’m updating the icon, then in another tab, refreshing the page to see the change, and it doesn’t appear. Aggressive use of F5, staring out the window, and pondering life choices tend to “solve” the problem.

Thank you for your replies. I am talking about the ubuntu store:

Also any Tipps on how to improve the ranking within the search would be appreciated. It’s weird to me that the entry comes almost lost even if I search for the name:

Interestingly I did see the “cog” icon you’re seeing. Then I killed gnome-software and re-started it in verbose mode to see if there was anything in the log, and in the meantime, it “magically” fixed itself.

Tested on 23.10 and 22.04.

As for the ranking, maybe if you ask nicely, someone can feature you in the store listing. That often helps. :smiley:

Being featured would really be great! Do you have possibly a pointer for me where I might ask such a bold question? :slight_smile:

I tried the workaround you suggested to no avail. Interestingly even spotify (also an electron app) shows up as a cog only…

It used to be the case (when I worked at Canonical, nearly three years ago) that the featured snaps in each section were configured using the files in the section_ops.

Looking at the most recently landed pull requests in the repo, that may well still be the case.

A bold person would do a pull request, adding their application with a rationale.

A cautious person would ping @Lukewh @sergiusens or @holly and ask permission.

A timid person might wait for someone else to see this thread, crossing their fingers, hoping someone else does it.

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Thank you very much @popey ! Much appreciated! :slight_smile: !

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Thank you very much @Lukewh ! This is great! :slight_smile: