App clones repository from github

I have an application written on Qt, in which the address is already private on the github. In my application, I set the login and password. And the application must clone the repository.
But I see a mistake

warning: templates not found /usr/share/git-core/templates
fatal: Unable to find remote helper for 'https'

What could this mean?
This is my snapcraft.yaml

confinement: devmode
architectures: [amd64]

        command: bin/ $SNAP/bin/UE4Launcher
        plugs: [home, unity7, x11, opengl, pulseaudio, wayland]
        plugin: dump
        source: scripts
        source-type: local
        after: [integration]

        plugin: nil
            - libc-bin
            - git
            - libclutter-1.0-0
            - libxkbcommon0
            - ttf-ubuntu-font-family
            - dmz-cursor-theme
            - libglib2.0-0
            - light-themes
            - shared-mime-info
            - libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0
            - libsqlite0
            - libsqlite3-0
            - libgl1-mesa-dev
            - qml-module-qtqml-models2
            - qml-module-qt-labs-folderlistmodel
            - qml-module-qtquick-xmllistmodel

Thx for help.

Hey, I am no snap expert but it looks like your application wants to do a network call but you didn’t add the network interface. You need to tell your snap it’s allowed use the network connection.

--- 8< snip ---
        command: bin/ $SNAP/bin/UE4Launcher
        plugs: [network, home, unity7, x11, opengl, pulseaudio, wayland]
--- 8< snip ---

Or do you mean you need to access the Github repository to build (not use) your application?

Yes, I’m trying to access the privately repository. To clone it.
That is, simply in the console without snap all works. And if through snap it does not work.

I added this interface, but it did not help ((

And I also wanted to add it if it matters, in the application I select a place on the computer where I will clone the repository.

Guys, can anyone know what could be the problem with this error message?

I am afraid I don’t understand what you are trying to do.

  1. When do you get the error? When you run snapcraft build? That sounds strange since you are building from a local repo (if I read the snapcraft.yaml file correctly). There would be no network request since you already cloned the repository before you even build the snap, no?
  2. How can you run the files part after the integration one? This order looks wrong. Why not do everything in one single step?

Here is a random Qt snapcraft.yaml file I found on the interwebs, maybe copy that and start building your project locally. Once that works you can start playing with the private git repo? I don’t even know if you can access a private git repo out of the box in a snapcraft.yaml.

Have you seen the “git integration” part in the Snapcraft docs?

I’ll try to describe how it works.
The application already has the address of the private repository. We start the application, we specify in it the login and password for access to the private repository. Push the button to clone and get an error.

This error appears exactly when I want to make a clone of the repository in this application.
For cloning, I choose a location on the computer. This path to clone is not static, user can choose it.

Does no one know or can not tell what this error is and what is the reason?

well, you seem to use git inside your snap app, for that you will indeed need to have all the modules the app or git will use included. and you will likely also need to adjust the git configuration for the shipped git to use the correct search paths underneath $SNAP.

(for a start i’d try to google the error, that will likely point to a missing package you should put into stage-packages)